Wednesday, September 2, 2009

severe lack of shoes: part un

shoes: urbanog gladiators; christian louboutin very prive; siren wedges; rubi brogues; bettina liano "gorillas"

half of my limited shoe collection. you see unlike every other person you know, im really not a big fan of shoes. I like them, but I don't really go crazy for them the way I do for lets say bags. i don't see the need to buy 5 pairs of the same kind of shoe. and once i buy a shoe ill have it forever, most of my shoes are really beat up although i do try to take care of them. anyway this is one half of my tiny shoe collection, starting from the left: urbanog gladiators which i bought last year online, i know people hate high gladiators but i love them, they're the only flats that actually make my legs look longer. louboutins, were a present from my auntie for my birthday, i don't think i would be willing to pay my own money for them, they look good but im pretty picky with high shoes and these kill my feet and definitely aren't the highest heels i own.. so height/pain ratio isn't thrilling, they replaced a totally beat u pair of nude heel i had for 4years before. siren shoes, so comfy the platform is chunky and wooden, comfy and give me an extra 13cm of height. i wear them at every chance i get. rubi brogues, these were only 7.50$ so i dont really care that they are synthetic, they are so thin and comfy, i wear these on long uni days and to work. bettina liano's, these are awesome... i got them on sale for 100$ in the gold coast they were down from around 500$, they re all made out of leather and have side buckles that go up the leg, they kind of make your feet look like hairy gorilla feet, but are still soooo good.. except for the time i slipped in them at the ferry rd markets in gold coast of the leather sole =/ all these shop keepers stared at me and kept working lol. anyway part two, tomorrow :)


  1. I wish someone would give me Louboutins as a gift. Great shoe collection you got there.
    I'm more a bag-person than a shoe-person too.

  2. I like your collection! Its a great that you get the most out of your shoes. The siren shoes and the rubi brogues look awesome.

  3. Your shoes are amazing! I wouldn't call that a limited collection, It's quality not quantity :)
    Would you like you swap links? I love your blog, it's really interesting :)


  4. i love all your shoes!!
    the brogues are my favorite


  5. very cute shoe collection! i'm starting to be more like you, less shoes, but more bags :)

  6. I have those Rubi brogues, but they're almost worn through by now.

    Your blog is fantastic btw, I can't stop reading older and older posts!