Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hi guys, just a short message to let everybody know I am not going to be posting for the duration of this week as I am taking my finals for first year of University. AFter which I will be back with a decent effort of blogging, none of this once a week posting. Thanks, hope to see you all soon :)


  1. no freaking way! I was totally just gonna tag you

    I guess I can wait :p

    good luck on your finals

  2. hey good luck in your exams, my boyfriend has exams too. So your the first fashion blogger Ive found in sydney!
    Loving the aesthetic of your blog babe

  3. My boyfriend and his friends came over to study sesh this morning and I made breakfast for them in an effort to create some stress relief. I really don't envy you poor things! I hope you killed it babe.
    Thanks for your support, you should definately do a DIY and post it on your site... but maybe do gold chains... and a black tee! and crop it!! Then spray bleach on the tee to give it splashes of orange!!! AMAZING hehe

  4. Don't be a hero: Thankyou sweetie, I am officially back :)

    zanita: It wasn't the best experience but at leats i get three months of now!