Tuesday, August 14, 2012

in the details

le fees de bengale jacket, celine bag, topshop riding boots

one of my super guilty pleasures in France this time around was revisiting museums and picking up on works of art I never really knew how to appreciate. Visiting the Rodin museum with G was definitely one of the highlights of my six weeks back in the land of bready deliciousness. My appreciation for marble works grew exponentially and it was chilly enough to take out the new coat. I have a weakness for all things leather trim so it took a good few years of holding back on buying the right leather arm jacket. This one from le fees de bengale took half a day of metro tripping but once I put it on, it was meant to be. French tailoring is like an absolute drug to me, I just couldn't say no to a coat that fit perfectly in the shoulders and wasn't too long for my stubby little arms.