Monday, March 5, 2012

Le Jardin Cafe, Main Beach.

3/13 Tedder Avenue, Main Beach QLD 4217, (07) 5564 0100

On a recent trip up the coast I was lucky enough to discover Le Jardin a few minutes away from where I usually holiday in QLD. There's a definite lack of simple Parisian style cafe's in QLD compared to Sydney, especially in a neighborhood full of touristy attractions and guide book cliched big breakfasts, I was over joyed in finding this little gem. The menu features all the classic breakfast items, sweet and savory crepes, salads, croissants with various fillings, sandwiches and a selection of drinks. The definite winners for me were the eggs benedict w/ salmon ($15), french toast w/ bacon and tomato ($11), Royal Crepe ($12), Daily Crepe Special($7 for one crepe and coffee).

the customer service was lovely, but varried from day to day (notice the difference in presentation of the crepe special and eggs benny). The wait time for food was about 40 minutes on saturday as compared to the 15 minute wait on a late thursday morning. Both were equally delicious, and to be honest I had nothing better to do on saturday then drink coffee in the sunshine. It was lovely to see the French family who own the cafe pop in out daily. Presentation was simple, which I really didn't mind for the price and their black coffee was perfectly roasted (I had some seriously bad luck with ordering coffee on my trip).

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  1. shame about the coffee. there's some great little coffee places on the coast, you just have to know where to go ;)