Tuesday, August 16, 2011

weekend away

gucci wool coat, cheap monday jeans, st james shirt, topshop boots

drinking lots of wine is an essential for slanty weekend poses.


  1. I love the coat :-) wheres your signature red lip?! ahaha


  2. If you drank loads of wine, you can't tell. :) You look gorgeous! x

  3. amazing outfit! it's so chic and french style i think:)
    the gucci coat is so beautiful i definetly would need it. it looks so warm and comfortable and it's so cold here in finland when it comes winter. i also love your fantastic boots!

  4. But you look so great! Have a fantastic week! XO Rebecca


  5. your hair just..WOW! and lovely outfit<3

  6. Im totally blown away by this. STUNNING!

  7. this coat is AMAZING! Love your style.

    check out mine when you get a chance



  8. Hey dude, nice post…keep it up…Thank you

  9. Beautiful outfit hun, and I love your hair!


  10. Hello. Would you like to tell about me in your blog? It would be incredibly nice. Me and a friend have a contest to see who can get on top of the list of blogs where we blog. I hate to ask about this stuff but it would be nice. hugs

  11. Good looking black overcoat and brown boots.

  12. Hiya! that coat looks awesome..but why did you posted the photo to 90^

  13. You looks so classy and chic in this, love it :)

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