Wednesday, February 9, 2011

tray chic

vintage silver jewellery box, philosophy of andy warhol, hermes medor watch, chanel rouge noir nail polish, sporstgirl feather piece, diptyque figuier room spray

a few bits and pieces i'm a little bit obsessed with: this sportsgirl ear cuff thing is really weird but oh soo good, the hermes medor that has taken over half a year's worth of ebay searching for the perfect leather and hardware (and price) combo, dozens of missed out auctions and it was worth it; this baby doesn't leave my wrist. the diptyque room spray that i layer with my other two favourite perfumes, i found the parfum version of this too coconutty.. so room spray it was.

so feverishly (week long pharangytis really isn't fun, so don't share your drinks at raves and wash your hands 79 times when visiting relatives in the hospital, wearing surgical masks to both makes for a keen fashion statement as well) i decided that my blog layout was hindering my blogging. it was really a bit too overdone and precious, and as much as I wanted to post a majority of my own content I felt like every time i went to say something, i'd think "hmm this really isn't the aesthetic my blog follows".. even though, I really wanted to say it. and to be honest I'm not quite sure what this whole aesthetic was anyway. so, keyboard in hand i cleared my old layout, found a template on one of those horrid "make your page all glittery and attract hitZZZ" type of pages, tweaked and pasted and came up with the most boring layout in fashion blogger human history. never fear fans of random cute/parisian things i would post, i'm more enamoured with them than ever (a good friend of mine just moved back to paris to pursue her career in PR fabulousness) but i also hope to post other things. i had to face up to the fact that i'm no longer a student, i don't have the leisurely time to get up 2hours earlier for my 3pm class to take lovely photos on my way to the station. speaking of which, i've decided to postpone my masters for six months to pursue some really great jobs, but thats another blog post. so, blackberry midnight posts, random utterances and probably a little more inspired by time content, hope everyone stays along for the ride.

(i didn't end up getting the chop, my hairdresser recommended I wait a few month.. something about optimal hair growth-backth and her seeing my not so shiny locks super long for the majority of my life, if someone else will miss them i guess i would too, but nothing is set in stone as of yet. first stop blog overhaul, second stop shaving the side of my head).


  1. New layout is nice and simple, I like it. That jewellery box of yours is sooo gorgeous.

  2. love this layout!! uber minimalist :)
    um so I bought the same ear cuff as you, and I don't know how to wear it :|
    help? :P


  3. I love the layout and all the items in the photo - that watch is amaaaazing, as is the jewellery box. And that feather ear cuff? Instant love.

  4. woow
    love the new layout!
    great pic honey <33

  5. Love the new layout! couldn't figure out what blog i was reading for a while there. My only comment a bit of a margin on the right side of the page would make the text easier to read.

  6. I like the new layout, though the part on comments seems to go a little funny-ly with lines on top of each other.

    Juliet xxx

  7. I love your blog! come see me http://boiteabonbons.blogspot.com/

    following u!

  8. that feather piece looks so beautiful.
    love it so much.
    so envy that you have that hermes medor watch.


  9. :D The Philosophy of Andy Warhol. Fantastic.

    I need to change my blog layout, I think. I'm just very nervous of all my existing posts looking all wrong if I introduce a new format so I've been putting it off majorly..

    Postponing the masters in favour of potential job offers sounds very exciting! Good luck.

  10. I would love to possess each of these objects, utterly beautiful!

  11. I love your choice. I have the nail polish. My favorite!
    And my dream : the Hermes Medor watch!


  12. that sportsgirl earcuff is the coolest piece of jewelery i've seen in a long time!