Monday, November 8, 2010

vodka flowers

taken with a canon 450D

the only upside to exams besides the promise of a long summer break is spending all day in my room surrounded by things I love. unlike my parents, I don't actually own any proper vases, I like to think I'm too young to own any proper china or crystal wear, but my collection of old alcohol bottles fits me perfectly for the moment. The Belvedere bottle is probably my favorite, because I adore flowers on long stems and my other favorite, the Chambord bottle is a little too stout for the flowers I really love. There was something about the combination of matte and glossy glass that really appealed to me. I sometimes pick flowers walking home on my street, its a bit naughty but I like to think of it as payback for the dog poo thats always left on my front lawn by the neighborhood dogs. Or it's the other way around...


  1. this photo's very pretty.. & that's a very positive way to look at the hell of exams. :)


  2. so pretty, what flowers are those. try gray goose bottles, those are really nice as well.

  3. stunning photograph.
    i think this makes a pretty good vase.

  4. i have a bottle of the same vodka i brought home from america! alcohol is so cheap there, i miss it...


  5. This is so gorgeous! I think I might have to steal this idea :)

    Also wanted to let you know that you're today's featured article on Wikifashion.

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  7. Fabulous! Thanks Anya, will have to do a little bit more researching but definitely looking forward to some awesome shopping :) xxx

  8. that's a fabulous idea. I like flowers in bottles but voddie bottles. gotta try that! :D


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