Saturday, September 4, 2010

shearling delight

source: TFS

Elle Russia September 2010.. A+, best use of shearling I've seen to date. Of course winter's over and I want a shearling coat, another reason to transmigrate to europe right this instance. Everyone in Sydney is complaining how this really isn't spring weather (rainy, dreary with a whole one degree rise in temp on average) but strangely this is how I remember late spring back home, so I'm pretty happy. and I get to wear coats. winning combination.


  1. i don't get the complaining either! i'm so content wearing coats and tights and boots and listening to rainy day music. great blog x


  2. oww, thanks dearest for your congrats!we are fab and i hope you too!
    enjoy the warmer weather bebe, i kinda missed out on this years summer.
    i watch you x)!