Tuesday, August 17, 2010


wearing: vanessa bruno pants, forever new top and cardigan

no one does amazingly creepy yet interesting cemeteries quite like the Europeans, saw a fair share of really interesting ones in France but the atmosphere at Montmartre was just so intense I couldn't help but take too many photos to try and remember it the best I can


  1. i love the Parisian cemeteries, indeed in a really morbid kind of way.
    the colour of the trousers are great.

  2. Love this combination.
    The lace, the cut & colour of the pant, the beaded cardi...gorgeous.

    I've always wanted to go to Montmartre, I've heard it's an enchanting place. Lucky we live in a digital age so you could take loads of photos :)

  3. ahh you are insanely chic, woman. youre photos are making me lust paris right now. xx

  4. now, this is what we call chic.. love your outfit.