Tuesday, June 1, 2010

the list.

topshop shirt, sass&bide metal vest

I'm trying to compile a list of nice french vintage stores whilst procrastinating to write one of my major essays. I'm usually bad at sitting down and writing something all in one go, but with a trip looming I can always find a little detail I've forgotten to take care off. Horrible, horribly productive for an organised trip though. So far I've planned to visit:

Come on Eileen
Free 'P' Star
Chez Mamie
Coiffeur Vintage
Catherine B

if anyone has any suggestions I would absolutely love to hear them (or opinions/experiences about vintage shopping in france). After looking at a few online places, the thought of spending any money for the next three weeks is completely defeated by the idea that I might find something amazing while I'm over there, leaving me eating packet ramen for the rest of the trip. After some not so successful planing (my partner wanted to go to paris before visiting anywhere else) my stay coincides with fashion week, although a little bit exciting in theory, considering I'll be pretty far removed from anything fashiony this means I won't be as lucky finding a bargain


  1. Try Didier Ludot and Réciproque if you have time, you won't be disappointed.

  2. id say dider too.
    but maybe i am swayed by rachel zoe.

  3. take notes!
    I'm going to Paris At the end of July to kick off my gap year eurotrip and I cannot wait to get into the vintage

    -m xx

  4. There's a nice book by Pia Bijkerk called: Paris: Made by hand. It's an English version (guide)book and in it are: Details of more than 50 shops in Paris that embody the spirit of handmade, vintage, found and reworked objects.

    So not only for your wardrobe I guess, but nice as well. :)

    And otherwise I would go with the comments before mine. Didier and Réciproque.

    Have fun!!


  5. I would highly recommend making COE your first choice, it is great, well it was great when I visited four months ago. Bring an extra suit-case, because I walked away with a lot of good vintage, a lot of vintage Dior and YSL.

  6. Sorry no suggestions from me :( But the places you listed do they have an online retailer site? Just curious :)

    I also love this photo!


  7. i reeaaly want her wardrobe and hair.
    Panda xx

  8. I love how all your jackets are cuffed.

  9. espace kiliwatch on rue tiquetonne - it has alot of vintage but also some new stuff.

  10. There's a store that I think is better than Colette (or it was when I was there) called le soixante six, literally located at 66 Champs Elysees. It's a little pricey but not as much as Colette I think. Not sure for vintage stores though. I'm so jealous you're going AND that you'll be there for fashion week! :(


  11. Coiffeur vintage is very nice and very cheap. the store is also a little small, don't go there on sundays!

  12. awesome acess!



  13. oml i adore your cocktail rings! Where do you find such things?!

  14. - Free 'p' star, Coiffeur : good deals but you won't find true vintage (that is to say pre 80s) it's mostly second hand clothing (i.e : a lot of 90s lycra)..but they do have nice scarves, bags and jackets sometimes. Tiny, often crowded, you really need to be patient..as a rule don't go shopping during the weekend. There are 2 "Freep'p'star", one is open til 9pm and the other till 10pm, which is rare in Paris.

    - King of Frip (33 rue du roi de sicile) : basically the same prices and type of clothing as the two above.

    - Mamz'Elle Swing (35 Rue du Roi de Sicile): now this is real vintage, 1900/1960s, therefore more expensive than second hand stores but it's worth it.

    - Iglaïne, (12 Rue de la Grande-Truanderie) : vintage too, pricey but again it's worth it because there are some great brands.

    - Mamie, Mamie Blue (69 et 73 rue de Rochechouart) : also vintage, big selection.

    - Kiliwatch (64 rue Tiquetonne), tidy, good selection, but pricey for second hand clothing.

    - Episode (12/16, rue Tiquetonne) : it has all the advantages of Kiliwatch but usually cheaper.

    - Noir Kennedy (12 et 22 Rue Roi de Sicile) : rock/punk shop, a lot of men clothing too. Awesome interior design.

    There are so many others, also don't forget flea markets (marchés aux puces). There are : les puces de Saint Ouen (Monday is best to avoid the crowd), les puces de Vanves (on week-end mornings).
    Also on the Rue du Faubourg du Temple you'll find numerous cheap shops.

    Have a good stay in Paris :)

  15. Nimey: Thank you SO much for the extensive list and great advice, I appreciate it enormously!

  16. honestly give colette a miss. ive popped in every month since january and its overrated to a T. always full of tourists, obnoxious music, overpriced and uninspired clothing.

    vintage = two cute stores off rue de buci (can't for the life of me remember the name of the street.. i think rue de l'abbaye) and a lovely jewellery store on rue jacob near laduree. walk around le marais and get lost in the streets off rue vielle du temple. lots of great little stores!

    also if you have a chance go to the les puces off porte de clignancourt. the area is a bit dodgy but much vintage chanel is to be found!

    hope you have a wonderful time, paris is one of the most beautiful places to go to!