Thursday, June 3, 2010


source: canon 450D

winter textures. thank you everyone for the lovely suggestions about paris, I want to visit them all (hopefully I'll have the time and won't get lost).


  1. Loving the knit :)


  2. shittiest photos

  3. Love the combination.

  4. It's quite funny that you have some anonymous person leaving you nasty comments moments after you posted a new entry, they quite clearly follow you on either google or bloglovin to get in there quick. Shame they don't leave a name or some of their own photos so we can all judge them, on what must be remarkable work.

    I quite like these on the other hand, I really like it when you do these or photograph inanimate objects, do you do visual merchandising by any chance?

  5. God I hope the annonymous person is a friend of yours having a laugh... (unlikely but I'm optimistic)

    I was just about to say I like them, especially the one of your hair :) I love abstracty-close-ups. I'm an apiring photographer and I work at a photography studio so I look at photos all day- so if anonymous really is anonymous to you then they can feck the bollocks off :)

    -m xx

  6. I'm so tired of this anonymous commenter as well, maybe you should moderate your posts? Constructive criticism is one thing, this is just rubbish. I think I speak for everyone when I say I don't even want to see it.

    I saw something similar on Luxirare's blog where she did an up close of a grid pattern, it looked great I was actually thinking somebody should do more of these. I find them so aesthetically please and I want to use them as Photoshop brushes.

  7. Hair! These are pretty great photos - taken em yourself?


  8. beautiful pictures especially the white beading

  9. I think this every time I arrive at your blog - your hair is amazing.