Friday, March 12, 2010

we are all mad

source: canon 450d

not really fashion related, but we all need a little break sometimes. went to Callan Park yesterday, which used to be a mental asylum before being closed and turned into an extension of my university. there are some straaange tunnels underneath it. the last photo is me being a nut, in my own little way jumping on an abandoned trampoline in the campus.


  1. wow...places like that fascinate me so much. There's an abandoned mental institution here in perth which is boarded up...i've been meaning to sneak in and check it out!

  2. Aw I love SCA! Great photos :)

  3. you are actually an amazing photographer, good framing on some of these

  4. what a refreshing post :) please do more Sydney posts for those of us who don't live in such nice cities!

  5. wow. Thats creepy,
    was the writing there when yu got there?
    Panda x

  6. Wow, the top one is creepy, I mean if it was there, and not just put in there by some kid.

    Things like that interest me, I'd love to visit it! x

  7. i love the atmosphere of the first one.
    xx elle

  8. Woah. That's so cool! The first photo, especially, makes me think of Shutter Island.

    How long has this been a part of your uni?

    -Kiki xo


  9. aaahh so cool!! I love stuff like this - Cockatoo Island is a personal favourite full of little visual treasures. Love the peeling wall. And the fact that there's an abandoned trampoline on your campus!!
    My work is built on an old destitute children's asylum site and it's pretty creepy... seems to happen a lot in Sydney!

  10. These photos are great! I love the randomness!