Friday, March 19, 2010

visit to the red cross

source: bb

I ended up visiting the new red cross vintage boutique, and have some sub-par headless blackberry photos to show for it. There were a lot of people there already, so I'd say it been somewhat picked through by the time I got there. the shop itself is pretty big for newtown, and the weird thing is it didn't have that vintage smell of old shop with old worn in clothes. I'm actually pretty sure a lot of things were dry cleaned, or washed. I found a few really nice things, brown vintage leather belt with little acorn gold details on it, 25$ perfect condition but too big for me. Chain print silk italian scarf, 30$ i put it down for a minute and someone snatched it up. The beautiful coat in the picture above, its a milk choc colour and was in perfect condition, a bit to expensive for me at the two hundred dollar mark. The coat was seriously beyond perfect. I did however walk away with the red silk french blouse above, one of the many silk blouses they had in stock on the first day. Its more a bright blood red then orange, but the fit and construction was amazing. I didn't like any of the accessories they had, they were the first thing i went to look at, there were no good bags, sunglasses or jewellery. maybe it had already gone? all in all, really good qaulity pieces but they don't come as cheap. Also they didn't have eftpos (just yet, im guessing) so bring cash.


  1. that coat is AMAZING. you're right, it really is perfect!! if i had been there i definitely would have bought it :/

  2. how amazing is that coat!

  3. Damn sickness stopped me from getting out of bed to do anything this weekend so I missed out on that first day. That red blouse is great though!