Tuesday, January 19, 2010

old and new

source: fashionising

ive actually been really busy having no life at all. i miss blogging oh so much, if only i had something to blog about that inspired me and not fill it up with whats already everywhere. i have no interesting outfits to share (ive been wearing the same two dresses to work for far too long) i dont have time to read blogs or magazines or anything. tonight however i went to preview the autumn range for my company and im a little giddy. all i could think about was the ancient gucci bohemian style campaign.. and i realised i want everything coming in. ok so this shoot is ancient, bu i thought id repost anyway. its all been done before, but aren't there styles that you have to visit at least once a year, every year if not more. im all excited for winter shopping, just like most people in australia are, planning on doing some city hunting for vintage furs which are coming in.. if only there was a season that had the ideal temperature to be sunny and cheering and let me wear all the crazy things gathering dust in my wardrobe.

i know, im so boring. somebody share some exciting fashion related news with me.


  1. Love the tassel bag in the second photo :) Sorry no exciting news from me :)

  2. Hey, don't be so hard on yourself, you shouldn't apologize for having a life... plus one can never get tired of fab gucci collection :)

  3. you should be glad youre busy and staying productive!

    btw this gucci editorial was their 1st editorial that i have ever been blown away by.

  4. love the selection of photos and love the 70s hippie vibe too. xx maxi

  5. There is no state of perpetual inspiration. We all need a break once in a while and life does tend to get in the day of the escapist activity that is fashion blogging ;o).

  6. always loved this one.

    so boho so amazing so lovely.

    hope you get inspired soon! I so know the feeling!


  7. I remember that campaign! I saw it in a friend's magazine (don't ask me which) in English in like year 10 or 11... I couldn't work out at the time if thh shoo with the three girls was all one girl all three different incredibly similar looking girls lol.
    Jeez that's nostalgic...
    -Mell xx

  8. i find it hard to think of things to blog about sometimes. or i want to blog about something and i cant find appropriate photos. or im too lazy to take them. hahahha

    i still love this campaign. abbey lee is amazing.

  9. I love re-visiting old images that you've adored, it's these ones that can really inspire if they've stuck in your mind for years as you know you weren't just caught up in the trend/moment. I have a few designers collections bookmarked that I go back to every now and then. Love this shoot too!

  10. your blog have stolen my heart (L) really.

    and your post about getting a little of chanel..wow...i haven't seen anything as really as that, bealieve me. That is the biggest truth.

    nothing else, hope you are Ok, and don't worry, the inspiration is something we are provided so..let's wait, i'll be here to see your latest outfit.

    here i share my "etc" blog:

    and my new fashion blog.
    i'll post my outfit hopefully (if i find something good);


  11. hi my sweetie!i missed you too!having a life is definitely not boring!its the new black x)

  12. I loved this campaign...it makes me want autumn to return...not to hot not to cold. But you can still wear everything!

  13. Amazing campaign.

    Definitely unforgettable.

  14. I love the interaction between the models in this editorial...

    xx faris

  15. Ah, I love this hippy chic feel. Great campaign.