Wednesday, January 6, 2010

happy new.. blog header

source: my camera

i've uploaded a new header image.. i wanted a whole new template but couldnt settle on one.. i tried editing a few i liked and still haven't come up with anything i am happy with, so hopefully soon. the banner was over due for an update. so were these high waisted denim shorts from supre. i am in love with the fit and cut but the colour was the most plain blue i've ever seen.. nothing some bleach couldn't fix. and there is no better time to have done them, since its too hot to wear anything else.

edit: in reply to comments, this is a really easy diy.. from the first time i did it with a pair of old tights its been a fairly simple process, if you're worried try with an old piece of denim but i wouldn't even bother this is fairly fool proof, especially with denim. i do the bleaching in my bath tub but ive done it outside on the titles as well.. wet the denim thoroughly (i find this helps with getting a more varied pattern), then scrunch up the item a little and pour bleach in random patterns onto the item. try not to cover the whole area or you'l just end up with white jeans. leave it for as long as you like... i left mine for a good 45 minutes whilst watching an old episode of skins, you can leave it for longer. the next step is totally unnessary but if you're bored like me you can try it to add more detail. Wash off bleach thoroughly.. you will see where the denim has already lightened.. pour more bleach on the lightest and darkest areas. and inside the pockets. again leave for however long you want.. there is no need to check it every 10minutes, but i also wouldnt recommend leaving it for say 8hrs. after squeeze out excess bleach and either throw into the wash or soak in a tub for maybe 15minutes. I hate the smell of bleach so i added a few drops of my extra strong smelling shampoo to get rid of the smell which remains on the clothes, the actual smell while bleaching is minimal. then either air dry or machine dry. and you're done.


  1. Cute shorts! I love the new header :)

  2. I love the new header! But I also love the other one... It's good for a change though.
    And love the shorts!


  3. Hiya there,
    Just stumbled randomly on your blog, and i luuuurrvvee it :)
    You have such great style, and such a cool blog!
    Lucky its warm where you are! It's -2c in London :/
    Panda xx
    *follows you*

  4. The new header is fab.

    And "too hot"? Where are you?

    Happy blogging.

  5. Fab new header, I am always trying to alter my layout too but find it so difficult to decide on something.

    Love the DIY job - very inspiring. xoxo

  6. love the new header. neutral colours are always a winner.
    im always too scared to alter my old denim.
    i really should bite the bullet.
    bleach scares the bejebus out of me! u did an awesome job!

  7. love the bleach wash you did to the shorts :)

  8. can you please do a how to guide for these?

  9. Ouahhh!! superbe tenue vraiment et j'adore ton blog

    Happy new year


  10. girl i'm so jealous of your warm weather. I can only dream about the days when i can wear daisy dukes again :(

  11. Totally have those shorts! Mine still in their original form, although i did do my own acid wash shorts a whle ago, from an old pair of JayJays jeans that were that hideous blue denim with white stitching...
    Although I didn't put in as much effort as you. twisted the shorts up, scrunched them into a bucket, covered with bleach and left for a while. and then because the bits that were'nt bleached were still the original (ugly) blue i bleached them again, unschrunched. They went a bit brown but it was just a stain that washed out. not sure what caused it though...
    -Mell xx

  12. Love Love Love!!!


    so fashion...


  13. i have a crush on that short!
    I want to grab it!!


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  17. Love the shorts-need a pair for summertime!!

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