Wednesday, November 25, 2009

pretty little things

source:my own camera (beaded cardigan which smells like a vintage store although it came from the department store; cute new sandals im too scared to wear out; playing around with some leftover pearls and chains, sewed them onto an old dress with my lack of needle skills)

i had a whole week of doing things i actually wanted to! its seriously the best, went to the beach, a little secluded one with crystal clear waters in sydney's east. and took about 3 days to spring clean my closet, more like summer clean but hey! got to see some friends and also bumped into the lovely Zanita, who is even prettier in real life! and i got to pretty much sleep for more than 7hours a day.getting giddy just thinking about it, seriously doesn't take alot to make me happy haha! I shouldn't be getting used to it, its back to work and whatnot, Ill try to take it easy and learn something! heading off to stereosonic on saturday, i've only heard good things and hopefully it doesn't disappoint.

ps. i recently guest edited for Dorothy Perkins, you can read my post here. just me discussing the dilemma of my superficial life.. only kidding.. but its a dilemma every time i head out anyway!


  1. The shoes look awesome! Definitely try them out.


  2. You've been busy relaxing! I wondered why you weren't blogging much. Have fun at Stereosonic!

  3. Awww good for you for having such an awesome and productive week. It's always such a lovely feeling when your week goes well. Lucky you for bumping into Zanita, I'm sure she's gorgeous in real life. These images are beautiful too, the detailing is so pretty.

  4. The shoes look so pretty! Lovely pics!

  5. Ahh your beaded cardigan and flats look amazing!

  6. that beading looks INCREDIBLE with the chains x