Thursday, September 10, 2009

zimmerman winter warehouse sale 2009

source: zimmerman

I cant believe i forgot to share this, im not a big fan of keeping warehouse sales secret, some of these things are soo good on the quality/price scale that everyone should save up a bit of money and go, although you wont see all the most popular pieces (well you do but its pretty likely the size is either way too big or way too small), but there are so many good cuts & fabrics and always sample pieces that just jump it at you.. as you can tell i get so excited for warehouse sales, heaps of my favourite pieces were bought at sales like these...

ANYWAY! I missed out on the preview night, due to my own sheer stupidity and laziness, but my mum ended up giving me a lift over there today since it was 10min drive from her work... it was lovely and quiet... except for one lady who was totally rude to me because she didnt want to share the "communal" change rooms LOL. besides that there were about 10 people when i got there, got a tad busier later on.. but it was quiet and peaceful for a warehouse sale. I go straight for the silk items first, and there is plenty to be found! mostly in cute little party and cocktail dresses.. I ended up getting the witches moon skirt (above in picture) and the woods silk & matte sequin blouse ( like the black one in the picture, except cream). I also walked away with the batwing cardi in the picture, except in grey. The purchase of value of the night were definitely some super cute, high waisted navy shorts, they're a heavy thin cotton that drapes beautifully and have a paper bag style tie and little leather details, i believe they were a sample.. the tag on them only had their original price 295$ and to my surprise they came up 10$ at the register! I also ended up with a pair of these strange/awesome wooden leather platform brogue style shoes (that was a mighty long description) that scanned up as 60$ instead of 100$ they were advertised as! It was all smooth and sweet, there were plenty more things I could have bought which i loved and actually came in my size, but i decided to show a little restraint, its sale season and there is plenty more i want to see! my apologise for the stock photos, i don't have time to take photos tonight and this post needed to be made today to make everyone aware of the details of the sale, so if you have time, the location and opening hours are:

Friday 11 September, 9am to 6pm
Saturday 12 September, 9am to 4 pm
@:2E Corner of Dunning Avenue and Hayes Road, Rosebery.


  1. I can't wait to see you in that blouse! It's the first thing that caught my eye, so lovely!

  2. i love the blouse! pictures! when you have time of course! ;D


  3. I am so fucking happy I found you. I stopped using Chictopia due to lack of time, and so it made me sad that I wouldn't see you much. And come to find, you have a blog! Fantastic!

    If you would like to exchange links, let me know!! xo

    Missed ya!
    --Maeko @ Thereafterish

  4. Wow, sounds like you scored! What a steal. I really enjoy your blog :) care to link exchange?

  5. Thanks :)
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