Saturday, September 26, 2009

soy sauce

source:my camera

me & one of my lovely girlfriends, blazer now has soy sauce stains from kobe jones. i am PRAYING dry cleaners can get it out. pleasssseeeeee i dont wanna bury my baby after two weeks :( so many things havent worn it with, so many places it hasn't seen.


  1. love the blog


  2. Set a trend with your soy sauce stains :p
    Love your blog too!

  3. anya! love your hair! and your bang looks perfect! i hope you get the stain out! and when we go shopping you can wear it and show me! =D

    helen x

  4. I really hope you get those stains out. I know the feeling. I once bought a beautiful skirt and got chocolate all over it the first time I wore it. Luckly I got it out though!

  5. :-( i hope the stain comes out. Thats the freakin worse. But atleast your hair looks good!

  6. I'm in love with your hair! It's so chic and edgy. And I hope the stain gets lifted off the blazer. It would be a travesty to not wear it again.

  7. Ah! Hope the stain goes away... Your blazer is amazing and your hair... ohhhh! I love your hair!

  8. on this pic, you got something from mary kate.

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