Saturday, September 5, 2009

severe lack of shoes: part deux

right to left: Brando nappa leather over the knee boots; CL-wannabe "ariella" studded boots, vintage leather and stud flat boots, wittner oxfords, juicy couture ring flats

my more worn in shoes, the brandos are the most expensive shoes i ever bought coming in first at 499$, they are probably the best quality leather Ive ever seen, the perfect tall flat riding boot. the cl wannabes were cheap as chips at about 90$, as compared to the real thing, they're leather and are so comfy for the height, next we have the brown flat boots, they are so old and beaten up from work and festivals and stuff that i cant even read the label anymore, wittner oxfords were my favourite last year but i haven't worn them this year at all. I'm thinking of going over the white thread with a permanent marker cause it bothers me for some reason. juicy couture flats back from the day, simple, soft and comfy, thin lambskin which doesn't kill my feet in the hot summer. and that's it.. i am really in need for some shoes, Ive been saving up for classic chanel flats but every time i have enough money my fav colour and style are out of stock, someone recommend i try ebay but im so scared that they wont fit, I'm always scared of buying shoes online, but its even harder with flats because once they re too big or too small there are no buckles or zips to adjust them. anybody have any tips of buying flat ballerina type shoes online? my feet are between 37.5 and 38.


  1. Amazing collection - definitely some gorgeous staples right there. Been trying desperately to find some Ariella rip-offs myself, but all the ones I have come across have been very expensive for rip-offs... about $250. Where were yours from?


  2. Oh wow I've wanted some CL wannabes for ages! These are great :)


  3. love all of them. The juicy flats are super cute.

  4. yeah! it was dirt cheap! haha! good buy..

  5. yeah i looked on ioffer for those ariella rip-offs, but like anja I'm too scared to buy shoes online. I'd love to know where these ones were from. $90 bucks is such a bargain for those!

  6. thanks for the advice, and sorry for mispelling your name!!

  7. loveeee those cl studded booties!!!
    when i buy flats, i like soft ones, but i always make sure there is a return policy so if they feel uncomfortable wearing them or the size isn't quite right, then i can exchange/return it for something else :)


  8. NO don't use a permanent marker on your oxfords! Haha allright it's still your own decision, but when i saw them on your pic i thought they look great!
    The white details make them different! :)

    Good luck with buying your flats! I'm sorry, haven't got any tips for you about this, i've never bought shoes online before (i'm scared too haha, i want to be sure they fit well).

  9. These are all awesome, but my favs have to be those studded flat boots!
    Love your blog!

  10. i envy your shoe collection. need them allllllllllllll