Friday, July 24, 2009


clothing: various

The last few days I've been going through my wardrobe, its some freak of nature thing I have to do right before going back to school. When I was at school this would happen four times a year, and now, sadly only twice a year, which means it now takes me twice as long. I love closets, i had a beautiful vintage one in my bondi house, I was way too young too appreciate it aesthetically, but i made a little barbie house in it so i guess that was cool. My current closet is giant, takes up a good quarter of my room, its probably my favourite item of furniture (although its built in LOL) i regard it as my baby, weird I know. Ive tried getting rid of those pesky coloured plastic hangers but cant seem to find good replacements, theyre kids hangers and are so handy for saving the shape of some garments.

I'm having problems with something I bought of ebay, I have tracking for the item and it has been in hong kong for the last seven postal days. Ive tried contacting the seller but they've gone missing, the weird thing is their feedback is almost perfect, and their other Australian buyers are more than happy with delivery. has this happened to anybody? any ideas on how to fix it?


  1. i think certain tracking info has been incorrect for the past week. i bought a pair of jil sanders shoes on ebay and for a week it said they were still in italy and then they appeared at my doorstep, anyhow, with the tracking info still placing them overseas. so, they could be on their way regardless!

  2. oh that happened to me, i freaked out because I bought something.. then checked back and the seller didnt exist anymore and i thought i had gotten ripped off.. but then it turned up :)

  3. wow your wardrobe does look giant!
    I wish I had space for a giant one, instead I have half a closet another closet and two chests of drawers.

    Hope your ebay item turns up!


  4. your closet looks / sounds great! love that photo!

  5. my dad fixed up a beaten up antique wardrobe for me and i absolutely love it - but i don't have it in my house at the moment. i have a really dodgy temporary clothes storage system, which really sucks but does the job.
    as for your ebay item, lodge a complaint through paypal. that ought to light a fire under them to get it posted! and if not, paypal gets you your money back.