Monday, July 6, 2009

leathery legs

something seems to be the wrong with my camera cable, and i am too lazy to fix it right now. so i took these with my camera phone on Sunday night, after work heading off to eat Japanese. even poladroid couldn't salvage the photos, but I'm too keen on these leather pants i got at 50% of on the weekend. I'm going to get them taken in a little and then some sort of nice, clear photo will be taken to reveal their full glory. they are the thinnest leather I've seen. I've been hanging out to get some pants with no lining, took me a good four months but i finally found them at, to my dismay armani exchange when my mother dragged me in to look for some men's shirts. i really have an aversion to that store, i don't know whether its the fact that Sydney gets cast off pieces which all put together into one store epitomise bad European fashion or the fact that no short made from acrylic material can really cost 100$, anyway enough bad mouthing, these are some damn good pants.

wearing: sportgirls wool blend sheer sweater, a/x leather pants, siren shoes


  1. I'm on the hunt for the perfect pair of leather pants!! These one are nice... Love the blog too!!


  2. my gawd, it's freaking 90 degree here, I envy you soo bad it's not even funny. stop making me jealous!