Wednesday, July 1, 2009

en vogue

source: tfs (click to enlarge)

i love the en vogue sections, one of my favourite parts of the magazine. for some reason i thought of this one this morning.

I'm currently home sick with whatever has been going around at work, drinking tea and reading murakami. looking at fashion blogs and such, i realised every time i get sick and spend a ridiculous amount of time in my room, i want to pull up the carpet and polish the floorboards underneath. we've had this carpet ever since we moved in and I'm the only one that hates it. we took the carpet off downstairs and it had the prettiest vintage floorboards, its something i really want in my room to give it this finishing touch. i dont know why but i just love the look of wooden floors in a bedroom!

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  1. Wow, those are unbelievably gorgeous pics! I love the top one with the studded blazer. Gorgeous!