Friday, June 26, 2009

sass&bide winter warehouse sale 2009

terribly late at posting this (i've just finished my last week of uni for the semester, yay!), better late than never i guess..

byron kennedy hall, moore park

thurday 25th june 4pm - 9pm
friday 26th june 10am - 6pm
saturday 27th june 10am - 5pm
sunday 28th june 10am - 3pm
(the last day they usually disocunt their stock by 50% or more)

I popped by yesterday on my way home from uni, and was really underwhelmed, nowhere near as good as last years, if you are looking for a newish style, its probably not going to be there. maybe they didnt have a very good season, i dont know, the only thing i really loved sold out in my size in two days of arriving at the boutiques, bummer. id say a good 70% of the stock was at the sale was what they had left from last season, bare minimum of dresses, and all the really fashiony type things were way too expensive even for their sale prices. I was tempted to buy their sequin skirt from last season, Im pretty sure it was 250$ down from about 500$ but it seemed pretty unreasonable to me anyway. That being said, considering i wasn't looking for anything in particular, i left with some good finds, 20$ bleached thin denim jacket with lots of buttons and things on it, silk tailored sailor pants for 30$, and a sequin tee my friend kindly found for me, their shirts are perfect for uni! There were plenty of good cheap jeans and denim shorts, so if you have nothing better to do definitly pop down. I personally cant wait for the ksubi and camilla&marc sale!


  1. Hey am going to UNSW in a bit, am pretty nervous as to how sydney's going to be like..
    Was wondering if you could recommend a few places where I could get good bargains. And when does the Ksubi sales commence! :)

  2. Thank you for posting!! (: I am heading there first thing in the morning after church! (: (:

    And congrats for finishing up your semester. (:

  3. Ahhh wish I was in Sydney! Oh well, on the bright side at least we have a S&B store here now :) x Sushi

  4. Ooh your thin denim jacket and silk pants sound very exciting! Wish I lived in Aus, you guys get some good sales! xx

  5. Yay! congrats on finishing your semester.;D That's a great news. Have a good day.;D

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  6. Nat: Heya, dont be nervous, sydney is a pretty nice place, with uni theres always oppertunities to do everything, and try again at the start of each semester! Im sure you'll have fun

    In regards to shopping it depends on your style and budget, i love oxford st on paddington, and gould on bondi, but they are honestly way too expensive most of the time, best to look out for sales and such.. the only thing that springs to mind with a balance of quality and price is forever new, alot of their material is silk and cotton and leather.. they have their own unique sort of almost too girly style, but some nice pieces, have a wander around sydney and places you like and your sure to find something you like! I will keep you posted on the ksubi sale dates, it should be in august.

  7. The sale was terrible wasn't it, i actually think i might have seen you there.....were you wearing a leopard print scarf?

    oh well, a bad sale means they had a great season and had no stock left over to mark down. The new owners are doing a really good job of running the company. I can't wait to see the jewllery line Pip Edwards is going design for them.

    They actually just had a ksubi sale. It was in conjunction with insight and started the same day as the sass and bide.


  8. Jodes: Yup i was wearing a leopard print scarf for a short while before shoving it in my bag to try on the huge pile of clothing in my hands! You definitly should have come said hi. Did you manage to pick up some things you liked at the sale though?

    I heard about that sale, Im hanging out for the sample sale though which i believe will be in august