Friday, June 12, 2009


I've been writing up an entry about hair related questions some of you guys asked me about. Im sorry its taken me so long to get back to some of those emails, but its proving a long entry. So, if there is anything else hair related i can answer for you guys, just leave me a comment and it will be added to the other questions in the next post :)


  1. what color do you die your hair with, do you high light it as well?
    and how often do you touch up :)and the hairdo u had in the 'spot' post is really nice, is it just hair tease at the front and tie back ?

  2. what masques do you suggest using to keep hair healthy like yours? and what other products do you use.


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  4. what a beautiful picture. loooving this blog, by the way. thanks for the link xx

  5. Gorgeous! Love the hair style you posted here. How this is going to be done? Can you pls teach us some of the steps how to make our hair in different styles..;D

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  6. I love the blond hair, the bronze makeup and the pale lips.

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