Tuesday, May 19, 2009

all grown up now

had a lovely birthday and these seemed to be perfect for the occassion. I havent been shopping for clothes for a good 2 months, but I've scored a few little pieces for my birthday and today I bought a pair of high waisted black leather shorts and I feel like taking pictures again, sadly I have a statistis exam in a few days, but hopefully after that something may come of it.. I havent wanted to do anything like that for a little while. maybe im getting my fashion mojo back.. wooo.

ps. I shall get back to all the questions asap, bear with me guys I've read them all :)


  1. i love this set of photos!!!
    where did you find them?


  2. these. are. the. greatest. pictures. i. have. ever. seen. ever.

  3. Where did you get this photos.They are so cool.Thanks for sharing,have a great day ahead.=)

    A Writers Den
    The Brown Mestizo

  4. Mmm dream shoot. All the junk food! Haha. So glad you had a good birthday, girl!! And wow, two months? I could barely last like two weeks. :/

  5. Seems you had great and fun birthday.;D Hope to see more from you.;D

    Travel and Living

  6. fantastic photos!!!!!! i want a girls night whith so mucho chocolat and sweets!!

  7. kt: they're from the wildfox couture website

  8. yesyesyes thank youuu

    i want to buy the whole line

  9. i love this ! where shoul di go to get funky cheap shirts no one would have to wear out on lazy days?

    xo fabeaulust.com