Thursday, April 16, 2009


I really envy all those fashion bloggers who study or work in fashion so fashion is their whole life, those who post of their mobile phones etc. I pretty much forget to post whtever little piece of inspiration I had when I get home, but besides that my life isnt that intersting, I can't really take photos in the middle of our pretty city everyday.

I've bought myself a givenchy nightingale after months of lusting after that and probably equally as long trying to convince Myer's in the city to help track me one down. I finally went down to scalan and theodore who were kind enough to help me track one down. I thought I should take a photo, but the leather is too soft for it to stand up.


  1. wow can't wait to see a pic - what colour?
    stoked to see an update! :)

    ps: your skin is perfection!

  2. first of all, this is an epic photo

    second, I agree, I'm begining to get better at this whol blogging thing, but it still kinda really boggles me how so many do it all freaking day long


  3. You look all sparkly in that pic :)

  4. Maybe a little tip for you, if you want a soft leather bag to stand up. You can fill it with soft materials like tshirts (so it won't damage the gorgeous bag in any way). ;)

  5. you remind me of Lady Gaga! <3

  6. hey you know... for the 1st paragraph there, I totally feel the same way! Each sentence and every word!
    I wish I work in fashion,
    I wish I have someone who can always take pic of my outfit everyday on the street,
    I wish I have enough time to spare for blogging (or blogging while working like some of the blooger),
    And yes, I wish I can blog from my phone!

    Totally feel you.