Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Firstly, my condolences to everyone who is affected by the bushfires in Victoria. We've got some very close family friends down there and I'm praying that all will be well. Hopefully all the fires will be put out before any more damage is done.

I'm beating the heat by spending my day off digging up my wardrobe for old but good cold weather favourites, the fact that the weather dropped a whole ten degrees overnight has helped greatly. Number one thing that I'm missing is a toss up between my leather jacket and my sheer black stockings! Considering the drop in weather, I got to wear both in the last two days, nothing photo worthy as it was mixed in with my work clothes. I did manage to go on little shopping expedition and dig up a few things, two of my favourites were the faux fur vest and a pair of already ripped and faded jeans I picked up at work for 10$, why go to all that trouble I thought, although I may bleach the heck out of them. Sadly it’s still too hot for me to wear either of them, so a little photo of them. I’m pretty stoked about the vest, since it was pretty much what I was looking for, although I would have preferred it to have been a real vintage fur, I somehow doubted I’d find exactly what I wanted in a vintage fur. So this will definitely get the job done. A vest probably being more appropriate for Sydney winter than an actual coat, although it does occasionally get cold enough to wear the coat.


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  2. it's snowing here and I freaking want that vest so bad I'm now out of breath


    deleted comment was me. what can I say? I'm just way too anal about typos :P

  3. Love this jeans the colour is so perfect
    xo xo