Tuesday, February 17, 2009

bye guys, im off to the gc.. and i will be back on the 28th, which also happens to be future music festival, so lets make that the 29th. i will tey my bets to update!


  1. hope you have a good time at the coast and i'm going to future music as well, but in brissy! can't wait for some basementjax + pharell! xx

  2. have an amazing time in the gold coast. SO JEALOUS!! i miss that place..

    when you get back there's 2 awards waiting for you lovely lady.

    enjoy!! =)
    liv .xo

  3. Hey im coming to sydney next weekend do you know if theres gonna be any good sales on

    Thanks Thanks

  4. just come across your blog, it's very nice. Have a great time!
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Wow!!Great!!
    Have a nice time friend.
    Hope to see you on mine too..=D

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