Friday, January 30, 2009

What can I say? I've been really busy for the past two month, and figuring I'm actually supposed to be on holidays it makes no sense. well, my work is closing down in the end of februrary and I guess I just wanted to make the most of it (money). I don't know if I'm getting a new job, right now probably not, as it took alot out of me these past two months, so much that when I'm not working I just want to do nothing, I don't want to dress up like I used to, I mainly want to just dress down and stay at my boyfriends and do very little with my time. I hate this, its something completly new to me and thats why I'm so uninspired lately. I don't ever want fashion/bloging to become a chore, neither do I want to be one of those people that just dresses up and takes photos for the sake of posting something. Besides, I'm starting a subject this year at uni, which I think will be immensly hard and I think I want to concentrate my time there. But I know I will be back right before uni after my little holiday up the coast, so stay tuned, I guess

all the best for the remaining holidays!


  1. I'm sorry! yeah, I can't get a job either, I've been trying for months now, damn this economic crap! But I also live in a remote area where there are few jobs to be had, save for this hideous casino that elevated the crime levels by like 14 percent (gross), so I've got a lot hope that you'll have better luck than me :P

    miss you! have a lovely holiday!

  2. i can relate completely! that is the exact way my work makes me feel, i'm a downbuzz to be around, so i'm quitting at the end of this week, relaxing for the rest of my holidays then finding a job that opens doors for me in the city.

    it's probably a good thing your work is closing down, im sure you need a change of tact and i would hate to see you loose fashion inspiration completely, i adore looking at your latest outfits.

    good luck on the job front x

  3. I'm feeling exactly like that too! Life just gets the best of you sometimes. I do hope you come back soon, I love your look!