Friday, December 12, 2008

this weekend could not have come soon enough

I didn't really have the best week, but oh well, things were bought, lessons were learnt. people were yelled at :( And now its a lovely 34 degrees outside which is ridiculous but it beats the crazy weather upon sydney the rest of the week.



    and its 34! your so lucky it is like raining here the whole week.

  2. love the leopard print top, is it a bodysuit? aww hope your week gets better next week! you look amazing here!

    ps: i've given you an AWARD! x

  3. The leopard print is to die for. Love the harem pants, and your hair.

  4. ahhh i miss sydney!!! loving your blog, just tagged you on mine :) enjoy your sunshine while i'm stuck in the rain!!!!!!!! x

  5. love the leopard corset-y top!! love how you balanced it out with a heavier bottom!

  6. it'd be summer there wouldn't it?
    lucky you it's freezing where i live :p
    your whole outfit is GREAT! the top goes great with the plain black pants and the shoes go effortlessly..

  7. im a hugeeeee leopard print fan...so its no surprise when I Say that I love this.,,and your hair- its gorgeous!

  8. p.s. I was just looking through your blog and its pretty amazing...so I added you to my daily reads

  9. its pretty terrible lol, i got the crochet one cuz i figured i could layer it over stuff.. but i think i'll have to get the other one too.
    yeah, supre is major leggings-worn-as-pants land haha.

    yeah i did apply for bourke st, and got it.. its actually pretty fun considering, and most of the girls are really nice (MOST).

    they have given me some crazy ass hours though haha

    love this outfit by the way =]

  10. Ohh thats cool. Is the store you work at very big?
    Yeah i've met her, she seems really lovely =]

    oh man thats sucks lol. yesterday we were SO behind, we almost got to shut the store early.. except there were some people in the change rooms taking FOREVER lol.

    yeah i got a 5 - 12 shift on friday, but i cant do it because i have to catch the train. i cant believe they're open that late!!
    I wonder how many customers they'll actually have in...

    ugh its so gross, i feel like shaking them all and yelling "LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS YOU IMBECCILE!!!!!"

  11. You look great. fantastic outfit! I wish you a great next week.

  12. four floors?? bloody hell, and i thought bourke st was big 0_0
    yeah we have myer and djs next to us too.. i dont know what time they close though.

    haha maybe i will... when im a little less knew lol.
    I'm still trying to make a good impression

  13. lovee your pants, where are they from?

  14. absolutely bitchin, the bustier and the pant contrast is totally brilliant

    I'm looking at your bare shoulders and am totally jealous, it's snowing here, grrrrrr. Actually, no, I do love it, just need to get some warmer clothing. you know it's bad when a fur coat just doesn't cut it :P

  15. oh, the bracelets, the top and the bag are something exceptional!

  16. omgsh that top is absolutely gorgeous!
    you look great!


  17. That leopard print corset KILLS. So awesome

  18. amazing outfit!!!!! YOU LOOK FABULOUS!!