Thursday, December 11, 2008

My complete lack of bloging is a result of my summer uniform for work. Not only did they choose to make us wear the worst pieces from the store, they're completely stopping my creative side coming through. In fact I struggle to find matching bottoms to wear in the morning. Basically nothing camera worthy, and I pretty much wear 5 pieces of clothing on rotation. I think this stops end of December? Hopefully not end of January! So since I have no note worthy outfits to share, I thought I'd share my beauty top ten, cause beauty fashion seems to go hand in hand, and grooming helps us all look tip top when we can't be wearing what we want to, be it either money wise or job wise ;)

1. Klorane Oat Extract Dry Shampoo & Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo: ah yes. If you haven't tried dry shampoo you are missing out, that’s the only time I’ll ever say that. I only wash my hair about twice a week and use dry shampoo in between, it’s good for volume, soaking up oil and hiding regrowth. I mostly use the Klorane one as it has no smell, but the Batiste tropical is really in post-beach hair when you're too lazy to wash.
2.Yves Saint Laurent Top Secrets Flash Radiance Skincare Brush: I use this as a primer base, its ridiculously expensive in my opinion but its very light and cooling and doesn't irritate my skin, basically it just doesn’t feel like all the other glugy primers.
3.Advanced Marine Biology Cream: Again this is pretty expensive, but it’s very rich in texture and a jar lasts me about a year. It helps with breakouts and it is anti aging, because I’m getting older and more paranoid. I use a little bit more at night and it gives dewy skin in the morning.
4. Redken all soft heavy cream: Although this is a mask, I use it as a conditioner every time I wash my hair, it’s not too heavy even at the roots and my hair is pretty fine. Its good for heat treated and bleached hair. This is probably the best hair mask I've tried and it beats all the more expensive stuff.
5.Yves Saint Laurent 'Touché Éclat': I've heard so much bad news about this like how it doesn’t cover up pimples and breaks you out and what not. But I've been using this for about four years and it beats all kinds of concealer. It won't cover your blemishes in the same cakey way concealer does, because it’s a highlighter but it does an even better job by reflecting light, so that area appears healthier. I also use it under/above the eyes, to matte out lips for lip gloss to come up as its true colour and basically everywhere else on face. Its really really good stuff for looking pulled together without using colour cosmetics like blush, eye shadow etc.
6. Everyday Minerals 100% Mineral & Organic foundation in Ivory & Chanel Le Petit Pinceau: My skin is sensitive and blemish prone so I can only wear mineral foundation. There are a lot of different mineral makeup brands on the market right now, I really like EM since its 100% mineral, its very simple and very cheap (about 20$ for a large jar that lasts a good 3/4 of year with everyday use) and there a lot of light colours for my skin. I use it with a Chanel kabuki, which is made from natural hair and doesn't shed when I wash it.
7. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler: It's curling pad is the strangest shape, when I bought it I thought it would take my eyes out, but it's a cult classic for a reason it gets every last lash.
8.Exceptionnel de Chanel Intense Volume and Curl Mascara: I love the formula of this, it’s a very rich black which doesn't flake and the brush is weird, but I found that the weirder the mascaras brush the better it works. I dunno why.
9. Kerastase Resistance Ciment Thermique: I love this baby. A lightweight leave in conditioner which also protects and repairs from heat styling. I blast it with a hair dryer and locks it in, and then I slightly warm my hair with hairdryer everyday to reactivate it and keep my hair smooth.
10. Mason Pearson Extra Large brush with 8 rings of extra stiff boar bristles: This brush has helped me more than any sort of topical product or vitamin. It takes a while to get adjusted to, from a normal brush but its well worth it. The boar bristles don't break hair whilst you brush, and because the bristles are finer and densely compacted it stimulates my scalp and conditions using the natural oils in the hair. This is probably the best investment I ever made, for all girls in Sydney, Peters of Kensington sells these at about half the price of David Jones, if you are interested :)

I was also tagged by Don’t Be A Hero & The Perplexed Pixie about a million years ago, I haven’t forgotten!

Random facts, habits and other weird things you never really needed to know.

• I only brush my hair like two or three times a week at most. I usually forget to though.
• I have strangest taste in music, something between trance and lil wayne.
• I’ve wanted to buy wayfarers ever since they became really popular but they make me look a tad on the trendy poser side with my fringe
• I learnt html before I learnt English properly. I could remember all the tags but I hardly knew what they meant
• My dream job is at Peter Alexander
• My chanel bag was a birthday present to myself, I still think its ridiculously overpriced and my whole family hates it.
• On universiry days when I can't be bothered going to classes I go to the newsagency on campus and read vougue on the floor in a little corner. The elderly ladies who work there have never asked me what I'm doing.

Six unimportant things that make me happy.

• The Chanel boutique
• Japanese food
• Handmade gifts and written letters
• French movies
• Strange pieces of jewellery
• The Gold Coast
• The first week of the month when all the magazines come out.

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  1. I've just discovered your blog. - and I realllyyy like it. - I haven't read it all through yet, and I can't wait...

  2. hi honeypie!discovered your blog too a while ago.so loveable.hope you are doing fine!
    yrs eszter

  3. aargh omg, how bad is the uniform lol, do you have to wear that crochet top and/or the one with the frills?
    Im about 99% sure it finishes at the end of dec..
    I hope so 0_0

  4. aargh omg, how bad is the uniform lol, do you have to wear that crochet top and/or the one with the frills?
    Im about 99% sure it finishes at the end of dec..
    I hope so 0_0

  5. Urgh I worked at Peter Alex and it certainly isn't all it's cracked up to be. It looks and smells pretty in the shop, but that's about all the good things... hardly any staff discounts either. =(

  6. Wow, you are so inspiring. I needed a boost...your blog made my day last night! And I love how you said you have the weirdest taste in music...trance to little wayne. Haha that is seriously how I describe myself in that area as well! Funny! Love your little blog! :)