Tuesday, December 2, 2008

a little behind

I just want to thank you all for the lovely comments, and I will get back to blog reading and link adding asap. I'm taking more shifts at work this month, and since we have a summer uniform, there may be less posts of what I wore. Never fear as I will be posting up lots of other lovely images and the occasional outfit post from the weekends and such. Again, thanks for the time and patience.. I just really need christmas money right now :P

wearing: dont ask amanda denim jacket, sass&bide silk and sequin pocket dress, sportsgirl bag and belt, mollini shoes, vintage eather gloves.


  1. hey cool outfit.
    totally understandable!
    go make that much needed christmas money!

  2. oh no! we want more! But summer does prove a little problematic when styling since layering is not really such a valid option. Damn you heated days!
    Where do you work? In a shop? Maybe I should pop in and have a visit my dear!
    You look great in this pic by the way, loving the gucci inspired shoes and digging the denim!
    zanita x

  3. Cute dress! Pockets in dresses= best invention.

  4. that's the raddest dress, you got lucky at the s+b sale!

  5. haha yea i need christmas money too.

    love your outfit! and i really like your leather gloves! :)

  6. Love the incorporation of the denim jacket with the black dressy shoes!

    Lookin' lovely

  7. 1. i love this blog. 2. you have the most awesome hair i've seen in a while. 3. you wear that denim jacket ridiculously well.

  8. Way to incorporate the denim into the classic black outfit! Love it.

  9. This is adorable! I can't wait for warm weather, although winter just started in Canada.

    Would you like to swap links? I already have your blog as a favourite since I like your chictopia blog.

  10. I adore your blog
    You're gorgeous. Great look here. Especially these shoes

  11. i really love this =) and your hair is cute