Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The weirdest thing I love about my job, and there are times when there is very little to love, is working with clothes that half the country sees as amazing young fashion and the other half knows better. There were time sin my life before I started working there that I belonged to either one of these categories, and working there right now has placed me on the fence. The fact that I have to wear clothes that aren’t my style or taste is frustrating but it’s taught me to work out of my comfort zone. When I was younger, I’d see a piece of clothing and think oh wow that’s pretty but I can’t get that it won’t go with the style of clothing I have. I guess I’ve learnt there is no style of clothing somebody should follow; it shouldn’t be about the one style you want. It’s so much easier and definitely much more fun to be able to add different styles and influences to your wardrobe and still feel comfortable wearing them out, and knowing how to wear them and not think, “Right, I don’t know how to wear it”. Besides its so much fun to play around with clothes you never knew could be wearable. Whilst I probably wouldn’t wear a number of things in store, I’m happy to say I’ve found my little niche and even get excited when the right item happens to be released. Maybe I’m just old. But I love helping people pick out things. I was surprised at first by how many people come and ask for help, people who say I need this and want this look what should I do, how do I get it. I never knew people asked these things and I’m happy they do, it’s always best to throw around some fashion related ideas between people. And at the end of the day even when I don’t see something appealing to me personally, it’s still my job to make it look appealing. You never know, one persons trash is another one’s treasure.

These leggings as most Australian fashion bloggers have already talked about are the 40$ answer to the Sass&Bide Black rats. Even when I read snide little comments about them, I can’t help but to still love them. The idea for them was actually pinned by one of my good friends and co workers who sewed a pair of plain leggings with elastic seam. A nod to Sass&Bide rats as many have noted, we absolutely love the brand and the original ideas. I couldn’t wait to snap a pair of these babies up for myself, as I was one of those Sydney girls who couldn’t afford (but would really love) a 170$ pair of leggings. They’re a lovely fit, and although the overall look isn’t the same as the rats because there are fewer elastic bands, but the effect is very similar to the rats, besides I got them even cheaper so I really can’t complain. I get really giddy thinking when my darling friend first told me about the idea to the day where customers are franticly breaking down because their size is sold out.

ps. I'm in my very russian little kitchen. It was raining outside.

wearing: supre ruched leggings, asymmetrical supre tee with shredding, mollini shoes, chanel bag


  1. Mega recently got the black rats! Lucky cow.

    But I saw those in supre and thoight 'wow they are similar.' The owrd on the street is that some brand (not sure yet of the name) is making pais 99% like the rats, got the same number of seems and the runching on the bum ect. There $80. I must find a pair.

    You look great as usual.

  2. I'm so curious, what is your job? haha

  3. What a great outfit!
    I am in love with those ruched leggins and ofcourse the Chanel.

  4. I had to take a closer look to see the details of the ruching. I love it when outfits make you do that ^_^

    You look like you're about to fall off the counter!

  5. Hah! I had almost this exact outfit on earlier today. I changed because it didn't suit my mood today, but I sure do love it. You look lovely!

  6. Argh, they look so fab on you!! I keep putting off buying them because I just don't think they'll suit me... but I think I'm really going to have to at least try them on!

    So do you have to wear all supre clothes at supre?
    I have my trial on tues and I've no idea what I'm supposed to wear =/

  7. love this look and of course ur Chanel baby.

    where do u work at?
    and its always great to get out of your comfort zone so u can appreciate other things besides wat we are usually acustomed to. i totally understand where you are coming from!


  8. J'adore ton cheveux! C'est trés jolie..

    Which Supré do you work at? The one that replaced Gowings?? That joint is huuuge..!

  9. i love vintage chanels.
    your wardrobe must be HUGE! seems like you wear different things in EVERY post!

    so jealous.

  10. I've got them too, well, I got them on ebay, for $60 (including postage) from a seller who told me they were wish and retailed for $100, but they look exactly like the Supre ones, (I bought them about three weeks before I knew about the Supre ones)

    I get the whole having a constricted wardrobe thing, I work at a Jeans West, and I am finding myself wearing things I never normally wear, like womens tshirts, and jeans in general, I still haven't gotten used it, and don't like it though.

    Also, I got a flyer in my mailbox today, and thought you might like to inform everyone.

    The Insight "Nothing Over $20" Sale.
    Friday 28th Nov - 8am-6pm
    Saturday 29th Nov - 10am-6pm
    Sunday 30th Nov - 10am-4pm
    Guys and Girls Samples and End of Lines.
    14 Mentmore Ave Rosebery 2018
    Ph: 0296628838.

    (Also, I am the anon who went to the sass and bide sale, time I got myself a name I suppose)

  11. Laura & Chriselle: I work in a large, retail chain store smack bang in the middle of Sydney :)

    Jess: Yup I'm in the Gowing's Building. It gets so much bigger around christmas when we open up more floors :(

    Anne: Thanks for the details sweetie. I'm sure that you're leggings could have been wish ones, I've already seen a few copies in the little stores around qvb. You'd probably have more trouble than me with wardobe from Jeans West, because the Jeans woul be a staple and I hardly ever wear jeans :( But thats just me, and you guys definitly stock some very nice tops!

  12. style. it's all about experimentation, i say :) it's more fun that way

  13. You have a great blog, and great style!!

    Exchange links?


  14. I love these leggings! I get a little jealous of things like that that you can wear in Australia this time of year, and meanwhile I've never even SEEN them before. Great look!

  15. I know how you feel about the not buying things because it won't match what i've got. I have soo many different trends in my closet, that I don't know what my style could be categorized as.

    I have the black rats and 2 days later, the supre one's came out. If my mum wasn't the one who bought them for me, I wouldn't have bought them either xD

  16. I actually really appreciate that these Supre leggings are just "inspired by" the Rats and not flat-out copies.
    I've been wearing mine heaps, and when I was in Sydney the other week saw a pair in bright red. I was sooo tempted to try them on because they looked just hilariously crazy enough to be cool... but my friend didn't let me! Probably for the best I'm stone broke.

  17. i'm in love with your chanel 2.55

  18. is your chanel a medium or jumbo ? The size is perfect . Also how much ?

    Your style is amazing .

  19. chanel_junkie: It is the jumbo, it was about 3.3k :)