Thursday, November 20, 2008

inspiration of the past few days. img credit: jak&jil blog, olsens anon, unknown

I would just like to let everyone know that streetstyl.es has become my new homepage, and has replaced my university account's role as homepage, indefinitely. I didn't quite get bloglovin, seems like another internet popularity contest, thing. But I am addicted to streetstyl.es which features blogs from around the world and has helped me find so many great fashion sites and inspiration. I actually can't help open new windows fast enough. Haha, definitely recommend everyone have a look, you never know what awesome fashion blog you'll stumble upon with their help.

A wordier post tomorrow, and my thoughts on the sass&bide sale. From which my mother had to drag me out of after 3hours of awesome rummaging, grabbing clothes from under people and the beauty (or not) of communal change rooms. Hi to all the random people who came up to me and said "are you the girl with the blog who comes up when I search sass&bide sale, you look just like her!"


  1. i did indeed notice your sassy little self on streetstyl.es, i too am addicted to that site - i wish they would feature me!!!
    Great styleboard by the way... wish i had some spare cash for that sale, cant wait to see what you got!

  2. well i just found out your site through streetstyl.es so there you are! Nice blog :)

  3. i actually don't have a chictopia. :( i love fashion but as of late, i'm too lazy to dress the part everyday. normally i just throw on some black jeans, t-shirt, and my leather jacket and hit the road.

    and yes you can definitely link me. i would really appreciate it.

    and thanks for the tip on streetstyl.es

  4. haha oh thats crazy - people recognising you! how did the sale go? i've been to a couple but i'm too lazy to get up early enough! :(

  5. ashleigh: Oh it wasn't that interesting, it was more like "hey i searched for the sale on google and i only remember you because of your hair/fringe.. oh are you going to take that shirt/dress/other item because i want it" LOL :)

  6. Those Chloe boots... killing me.

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