Tuesday, November 18, 2008

adventures in david jones & past thrift store attempts recorded on camera phone!

It seems I've neglected one of my favourite city stores, david jones for a month or so, and how I've missed it. I ventured in today whilst waiting for a friend and boyfriend, and saw all the lovely new stock. But it was some old stock that attracted me the most. Mainly these two pieces from sass&bide, which I first saw a few weeks ago at the Paddington store. The sale assistants there scare the heck out of my sometimes. Most of the time actually. So I tried on this gorgeous loose knit, snake print cape/cardigan. Which I loved, maybe not for the 350AUD$. The dress is also pretty cute, but my size is never in stock. I highly doubt I’ll find either of these pieces at the sale; I’m really unlucky with sales that way. Someone will tell me what an amazing sale this brand is having and three months later when it happens again I hype it up in my head only to find the strangest stock in sizes which are a billion times to big for me. I still end up buying things, I don't know that works. Holidays are absolutely great, it’s a very sweet boredom when I get to have random thoughts about things I’d like to be doing and ACTUALLY have the time to go do them. Like buying a giant box of pop tarts and shoving down my mouth as fast as possible in the middle of a shopping centre with a friend, bringing disgust to my boyfriends face!

This was the cutest Escada vest I found at Broadway Betty (Vintage store near Sydney University), it also had a matching oversized jacket. I wanted both but since they were both men’s size 44, I don't think there was much I could have done to save it. I kind of looked like a pimp in the jacket actually. Both are still in store, for anyone interested/crafty enough to alter them properly. (You can actually see how short I am in the vest photo, I'm standing on my tippytoes trying to take that photo, and it wasn't even hanging high above me. It's one of the few clickable pictures)


  1. You look amazing in the first outfit!! Pity it's so pricey/out of your size, because it's so YOU!! hotness central!!

  2. I'm in love with the the dress, I love anything with sequins/shiney metal detailing. It's val from Chictopia btw, loving your blog :]

  3. you look great!!
    sass&bide have some amazing things but pricey indeed.

  4. Val: Thanks sweetie, I remember you dont worry, always waiting for your chictopia posts :)

  5. your hair is incredible~ did you dye it two diff colours or something?