Thursday, October 9, 2008

the gallery

I have completely forgotten to blog the last couple of days, I wasn't even busy! Haha, quite the opposite to the typical blogger excuse of not forgetting just being busy. I would also love to thank everyone for their lovely comments, I read and appreciate every single one of them, even If I don't reply! I still get giddy when people leave me sweet words, I'm still very new to the fashion blogging world and I love to hear from everybody. I'll also reply to all questions. Again, thankyou, and as my first uni year and second semester draws to a close I will have more and more free time to post lovely things. I usually post on chictopia before I post here, because it’s a lot easier and I am so lazy. You guys can find me I am also this months chictopia icon, I am so honoured and super excited for the prize as well, which is a piece from ester's Little Rooms Jewellery range.

These photos are from yesterday when I went to Art Gallery of New South Wales.

wearing: joanie loves chachie leather jacket, witchery extra long cardigan, bardot bleached tshirt, supre scarf, wittner shoes, levante hoisery.


  1. hello darling! i have also added you as on my blog as one of my favs. i love love your style. i noticed how fabulous it was on chictopia, didnt know you had a blog!
    also added u on bloglovin so i can follow ur lovely posts!

  2. Dajana: Thankyou love, I can't wait to see all your beautiful outfits on chictopia and your blog :)

  3. I already posted on your chictopia blog, but congrats on becoming one of the style icons of the month!! You deserve it for sure!

  4. I love everything in this outfit!

  5. dija & an92: thanks guys! :)

    taryn: HEHE! Its been known to happen occasionally!