Thursday, October 16, 2008


It’s taking me a week to recover from my last weekend. Can’t be a particularly good sign! I also went ahead and ordered a pair of high gladiators, I know they're overdone and over-rated, but I couldn't help and think of that time of summer when its too hot to wear pretty much anything, and in Sydney I must say everything goes once the weather heats up. I really crave something interesting to wear when it’s too hot to accessorise with anything. I only hope that they fit, I've never bought shoes over the Internet, and I'm still kind of worried. Being extremely short, does anyone know if they legs look stubby or anything like that? Probably a good question to have asked before I paid for them, but its done now.. besides with Australia's particular lack of shoes as I've noticed, I was getting desperate.


  1. I bought some gladiators from that site last summer they were very big around the calves (I am a 8.5 with regular to thin legs) but because they are plastic or whatever my mum was able to cut them and resew them as thinner (though that doesn't help with my problem of putting on 5kg over winter and them now being too tight).

  2. taryn: Thankyou!

    bridget: Thanks so much for the information, my calves are quite wide in proportion to the rest of my legs so hopefully it wont be too bad, or i can try make some extra holes in the bands. what are the shoes like qaulity wise?