Saturday, October 4, 2008

plaid & print

wearing: effekt men's plaid shirt, ses scarf, supre wet-look singlet, don't ask amanda skirt, urban soul shoes.

My holidays have almost finished, and I didn’t even get a chance to do everything I wanted to, like catch up on university work. And I'm also working all of the long weekend, oh well. Next week I'm going to Godskitchen with my boyfriend so that will be pretty exciting considering we've waited so long for it. I hate the fact that it's a white party I can never find the right thing to wear. Will hopefully figure something out. In the meantime, I really like this ring, I'm wondering if it’s worth the three hundred Australian dollars. Probably not, it's kinda cool anyway.


  1. i love the plaid shirt..its so lumber jack chic lol and the heels are sick too.

  2. this is so fucking fantastic


    lovelovelove your blog

  3. I really love the mixing of the prints and colors!!