Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My lack of updates started of with laziness and ended up with me having a virus on my computer from watching an episode of gossip girl online! Somehow, ironic. I am on my household laptop because my computer only runs in "safe mode". It’s quite annoying, all my files and photos are there, and I hate working on laptops, because I type at the speed of an old woman, and windows Vista confuses the hell out of me. But I haven't posted in a while, and I miss it and my shoes came in the mail, and I'm not even at Uni today!

Anyway I don’t really have a picture of my shoes by themselves, but they look petty much like the photo above. After I was actually worried they'd be too big, when the arrived they were a perfect fir after about 10minutes of trying to jam my foot into the left one! I was pretty angry at having to pay something like 60 Australian dollars for delivery, having the box only to be crumbled to pieces inside a cheap paper envelope. The shoes were fine, but what’s a blog without pointless ranting about things you don't even have control over. And although I don't think id ever order boots, I like a particular air right now and shipping costs and the exchange rate is just killing it for me. Besides the only reason I ever started shopping online, overall its not a pleasant experience for me, is because Australia's goods + luxury tax just doesn't add up to a nice equation for me. I mean who wants to pay 180$ for faux leather sandals or 500$ for a marc by marc Jacobs wallet. I never even realised what American apparel was like until I walked into the Darlinghurst store and went "oh, I see.." It was pretty funny.

Also my EIU interview and you can now follow my blog with bloglovin´


  1. Nice to see you're back - keep posting your amazing outfits. I love your style. You give me lots of inspiration!

  2. Uh oh, I watch a lot of Gossip Girl online! Anyways, glad to see you're back!!!

  3. welcome back!!
    i loveee your outfit in the first photo, very chic :)

  4. i never watch gossip girl but they have an episode coming on this monday that really caught my attention and i have to see it...love your style like always..the animal print shirt is so lively.

  5. Awesome to see those shoes working.
    They look really good.

  6. grr, gossip girl viruses and urbanog shipping charges, I totally don't blame you for ranting on your blog, I know I do, that is so what blogs are for :P besides all that fashiony goodness we all long for

    I just wanted to thank you for the lovely comment and link(!) I've linked you back, and I must say, I absolutely adore you blog!