Tuesday, October 28, 2008

more angry non fashion related ranting, sort of.

I'm still personal-computer-less. Its frustrating me beyond belief. That I can't sit in my room for hours and browse fashion sites and plug in my camera and upload my photos in peace. It really sucks that I'm so computer dependent. And to make matters worse my dad thought it would be a good idea to take my computer apart before announcing it completly screwed up. Now I have about fifty computer parts scattered over my desk and floor and my room looks like a five year old lives in it. Im so OC about keeping my room tidy that I can't concentrate on anything I do in it, so I'm always in the family room. It all is kind of sucky, and my productivity is about zero. I actually can't wait for everything to be fixed and back to normal, and so I don't have to read magazines at the kutchen table. I've managed to get my hands on a copy of Lula, which has proven damn difficult here in Sydney before. I got it at the QVB and within 2 days all the issues were gone except one with a ripped cover, although I'm sure that's gone too by now.

To make this atleast somewhat fashion related, i got featured on Sportgirl.com.au in the street seen section! I was pretty surprised, I didn't even know I was up there untill one of my managers, lovely Maya told me about it. It is under the style me sections. I totally don't look like any of the other girls they chose, I was surprised they even chose me, I wasn't wearing any of their clothes. I don't havea link to it, cause its made in flash, so.. its on there ;)

Anyway I'm trying to study for exams, which inevitably means plenty of random posts along the way.


  1. What I like is the fact that your style is difficult. One can either love it or hate it, plus it would be very hard to copy you. "Watching and liking"-that's what I do :)


  2. perfect! I love those pants on you.