Friday, October 31, 2008

fur, again.

I don't know what's going on with sydneys weather but I don't like it. Although I did get a few more wears out of my fur jacket, and then I found that I tore a hole in it. Its my favourite fur coat, on the basis of its a vintage coat that actually fits me and that my boyfriend marched into a vintage store and bought it for me. He's not really the vintage shopper type. I guess I'm going to have to take it to the tailors so they can overcharge me to fix it. Maybe next year unless the crazy weather changes stick around for another month.


  1. shit, I've got holes in most of mu fr too, haha! but being out in the middle of nowhere, like I am, I haven't found anyone to fix them yet. Is there a preticular name for someone who would do that, or are them just fur-wise seamstresses? that could be half my problem right there, haha

    aww, your man is too sweet for doing that! I love it when guys do girly things in manly ways, ya know? haha

  2. oh no! that really sucks :( hope you get it fixed asap cauz that fur jacket is LOVE x ps: whoo to semester 2 ending

  3. hi i really love your blog, your fashion style is really unique & amazing. I read your blog/chictopia blog every now & then though u continue to fascinate me with your outfits! btw one of your pictures were featured in the sportsgirl street chic look book!

  4. don't be a hero: Oh it sucks, I think its because the fur is vintage? Its probably had alot more wears than we think. I think you can done at a tailor? i gave it to the same lady who shortens all pants for me :)

    mel:Its getting fixed atm, I thought Id probably want to wear it again soon. Sem 2 was ok, exam prep is driving me a little crazy, how about you?

    trinity: Thankyou so much for the kind words! I will try to post up more. I wasnt actually aware of it untill my manager told me about it.. shes like look you're on sportsgirl! :)

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