Thursday, September 4, 2008

this would be what my table looks like

its that time of the semester where everything has to be done, during the same week, people are having birthdays and celebration events every second day, people are leaving to other countries and whatnot. as well as the load of research papers im having to write up. all of which is requiring my attention, and is making me sulky and super lazy.


  1. I totally feel you in the everything having to be done all at once thing. I'm so THERE right now myself.
    Looks like you have a pretty great collection of reading there at the moment - I love The Big Sleep! Particularly the film...Lauren Bacall was so cool.

  2. i'm thinking of studying psychology at UNSW/USYD next year (whether or not i can make the course is a completely different story... haha). just wondering if you enjoy it? how's the workload? do you actually intend on becoming a psychologist?

    thanks for your help! and love your style!

  3. S: Thanks, it sucks having everything on at the same time. The big sleep is amazing, I loved everything about Lauren Bacall in it!

    olsens anonymous: hehe thankyou :)

    avyoni: hey! Im really enjoying it at the moment, probably more than my friends at unsw, but what I gather. The work load is very fair, compared with my other subjects. there are 3 one hour lectures, and one tutorial a week. and we only have one essay and one exam per semester. It will really depend on whether you enjoy the subjects they give to how you view the workload in my opinion :) hope that helped

  4. yeah I had an attack of lazyness today too. Instead of working on my sewing and color and design project I watched tv and doodled in my sketchbook all day and fell asleep....

    just dont be lazy like me lol, you will get all of your work done!