Friday, September 26, 2008


I’m sort of back. Well I have my mid-semester break, which is only one week, but I'll try to be back. I really like my new camera in terms of image quality, but it’s very hard to work, and I also lack a tripod and a family whose willing to take multiple photos of me a day. So, this is the best I could do of what I wore today. It’s extremely hot, I went out last night and on my way home past the beach the weather was already 20C at 8 in the morning!! So after a quick powernap I whipped up something to head out and eat. I've only being barelegged twice so far this month, I miss my tights the most, and considering I lived in them all winter, I'm currently weening myself off them. Stay tuned, I’m sure I'll find some nice, somewhat expressive photos of what I wore last night.

wearing: LAB white shirt, don't ask amanda skirt, utech cuff.


  1. haha i'm so stoked about the mid sem break, however i have almost 5 assessments due when i get back :( love the look! the zipped skirt is so mad! you have awesome hair!

    ps: i miss my leggings too :( i'm so pale atm, wish the weather can be warmer so i'll hit the beach and tan



  2. girl you are killer!

    this look is hot :)