Monday, August 18, 2008

the reason i spent 25$ on a magazine

French Vogue, August 2008

.. and like my friend who decided to sit next to me and read,I thought it was worth every dollar! It's cool though, she's a french student, so she could translate for me. I really regret not taking french this I just wish Australia wouldn't tax all the really cool luxury goods. The magazine also said 4.5pounds in the corner. I may not be up to date with the current exchange rate, but I know it must be way below that! Click to enlarge, it's very worth it!


  1. I love buying the french vogue even though I can't understand a word! always has the most gorgeous shoots! I wish I had a french translator! Would make it that much better! I think you got your money's worth :)

  2. I guess that was a damn good reason. I never buy mags though. I go to the bookstore and read all day lol.

    I freakin love the color black so I like the pages you chose to show of the mag.

  3. nikki: it definitly helps having a friend translate!

    taryn: I hardly ever have the time to go to the bookstore and read, only during my university holidays. It was definitly worth it though!