Saturday, August 16, 2008

how to make a bad day worse.

Today I did nothing at all, because I woke up feeling absolutely tragic (and looking it as well) so I ended up wasting time with a friend of mine who had nothing better to do today than keep me company. We played around with the camera in my backyard before leaving for a drive. The coat is vintage, my boyfriend bought it for me a while back. I hate people who force their "fur opinions" onto others, just like with everything else, fur is a personal decision. So if I chose to wear vintage fur, I don't see how it would affect anyone else. If you feel otherwise about this, than don't wear it instead of making other people feel like shit because they have different beliefs to your own. Although I must say most of the time I feel like wearing it, I don't because I know the place I'll go to will have people staring at me and making negative comments, this mostly being Uni, I feel like I already have enough to deal with at University without having to stir the pot even more, so I leave it at home. Although there are probably times, such as at 8pm at night when I'm going home and its absolutely freezing, I believe most looks would come from "Damn, she looks warm, I can't believe I'm bare legged and freezing".

wearing: vintage fur coat, tsubi jeans, LAB white tshirt


  1. ya boyfriend has good taste. I love the boots also, theyre 100% badass

  2. taryn: Thankyou so much! my boyfriend has incredibly good taste for a guy, if I may say so myself :)

  3. i'm so glad you started a blog! yay! and totally random, but I read the sweetest saddest book when I was younger called 'waiting for anya' + since then I've always loved the name!
    you are a hottie, even when you're sick!
    i hope you feel better soon!

  4. nikki: thanks love! Im gonna try and update it but I think I really don't have that creative touch with blogs. Anya is a really common russian name, its like the female james ;)

  5. I love it, you look awesome! :-)

  6. Oh, I couldn't agree more! I hate that people force their fur opinions on others, I totally respect animal rights but I can't see the harm in buying vintage, I mean it's essentially recycling

    "Damn, she looks warm, I can't believe I'm bare legged and freezing".

    I love those looks, I plan to spend Halloween with plenty of them following my Cruella de Vil/off-duty model costume (depending on my mood at the time) muahahahahaha