Wednesday, August 13, 2008

countless stories of new beginnings

I've had a personal blog for about six years, but it was is full of crap most people who don't know me too well probably wouldn't find too interesting. Ordinary bits of everyday life and little controversial pieces of advice I would give to the world. I would like this blog to be a bit more wholesome, I really have no idea what this blog will turn into, but at the moment I just want to feed into the world of fashion bloggers. I usually write alot, or not enough and talk about ugly things, I hope to make this blog more appealing than that, well, I'll try! A little about me, to set the scene. Im nineteen and I was born in Moscow and lived there untill I moved with my parents to Sydney, Australia.. where I currently reside. I study Psychology at University of Sydney, along with Art History, Sociology and English. And surprise surprise I have a keen interest in fashion. This is starting to sound a bit like a job application so I'll leave it at that and let my photos and forthcoming entries speak for me.

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